Steel Beam Sizes

Steel is the number one choice for many architects for building safe and beautiful homes. There are numerous advantages of using steel beam for a construction of a home. Steel is really one of the popular and best material that can be used in the building of a home or skyscrapers. Beams are actually made of alloying elements and iron. Mostly iron beams cast and iron beams wrought are popular. Architects make use of different Steel Beam Sizes to build a shelter to avail below mentioned advantages.

a) Corrosion resistance

b) Cost effective

c) Supreme strength

d) Can easily be sized

e) Environment friendly

Corrosion resistance:

Most of the architects chose steel beam because they are safe and made out of materials that resist corrosion. They have a long life compared to wood beams. They can easily hold your house or a skyscraper for years to come. Unlike a wood beam, they never rot and go weak. Sometime architects use stainless steel that is even more powerful and provide strength to the base of any construction.

Steel Beam Sizes

Cost effective:

Different Steel Beam Sizes are used for the construction purpose more as they are also cost effective in contrast to other option available in the market. Metals such as titanium and aluminum are more expensive than steel and also have less strength than steel.

Supreme strength:

When it comes to steel, the strength-to-weight ratio is very high compared to other options available in the market. It can really hold more weight than its weight. This is one of the reasons why steel beam is so popular and architects prefer it.


One of the advantages of using steel beam to build a house or in a project is that steel can be easily sized according to your choice. It can be easily cut and produce size that you are needed to build the construction. Since steel beams can easily be sized, there will be less labor charge and you will be able to finish your job much quicker.

Environmentally friendly:

Using steel beam for the construction purpose save money, time and also the environment. Steel will stay forever and you will not be bothered to replace the beam again and again, reducing the load on the natural resources. Steel is strong and waterproof that will see severe weather easily. It can stand against fires, hurricanes, and rain with ease. When you have steel to hold your house, then you can sleep without any fear even in band weather condition.

STEEL BEAM SIZES: Where to purchase?

If you are building your home or want to purchase steel beams for a construction project, you can purchase them from any reputed vendor in your locality. As they are very affordable you can go for beam from any reputed vendor. Make sure that STEEL BEAM SIZES are perfect and according to your requirement. You can also go online to find a reputed vendor that offers steel beams of different sizes. You can order beams online to use them for your project.